Naladhu Private island

Live in a world of timelessness – a hearkening back to an era when elegance came before trend and luxury was understated.

Indulge in moments of pure relaxation in your own sprawling beach or ocean house, with cool whitewashed interiors framed by verdant palms, your house master waiting in the wings. Walking up to the soothing roll of waves breaking just feet away.

Walking barefoot across powder soft sands to touch the cool of the azure ocean.

Breathtaking stillness framed by dramatic sunrises and sunsets. Naladhu – Maldivian for “Beautiful island” – offers exclusivity and privacy in an untouched paradise, dotted with only 19 beach and ocean houses, exquisite dining, recreational pleasures and hidden moments of wonder. Enjoy a warm welcome at Male International Airport by hotel representatives who will accompany you to the Naladhu launch.

Your first glimpse of Maldivian beauty on the luxury speedboat, a 35 minute ride through crystal-clear sea, emerald lagoons and untouched islands in your wake, approaching the pristine wonder that is Naladhu, and the beginning of your story in paradise.

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